One Good Thing

One Quick Thing #1. Madmen of Mandoras

June 27, 2017

Whilst one Paul is away, the other will play! ...with show formats. It's a mini episode!

The Pauls take a quick look at Madmen of Mandoras! A crazy movie from the swinging sixties with all those sixties hallmarks: big suits, awkwardly hidden bodies and Nazis!

Also featuring: Hitler's head in a jar (let's face it, that's why you clicked on this), a huge number of protagonists, a diminutive number of Nazis, some literally shady Hispanic types, clever tricks you can do with a match box (including alerting Spanish rebels to your sympathies), ruminations on the nature of a "gore house great", the odd hint that this was recorded the week of the election, some excellent improvisation from the Pauls, and a fantastic espionage wife!

Have an enjoy!