One Good Thing

One Clip Thing

January 4, 2019

NOTE: A strange audio fault means that Paul Goodman's audio sounds as though he's appearing via the medium of a terrible vinyl record. Apologies, all will be well next week. 

Happy New Year! It's a special episode, just for you and our other listeners (but mainly you). The Pauls are in the UK together and take the opportunity to really knuckle down and make the best episode they've ever JUST KIDDING! It's a clip show. But new clips! Clips cut from previous episodes because they were too personal for us to take responsibility for... until now!

Featuring: Shania Twain, Mel Gibson's Bravemel, professionalism in the face of sneezing, Barry Underworld, the sound of the 80s, Sweaty Balls, the misadventures of a British Man in Australia, Football songs, Paul's dwindling head weight, Old Man Suspiria and both of the Pauls' Mums, who are lovely really. 

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