One Good Thing

Episode 91. The Boy Next Door

October 23, 2018

Oh hey there. We're your new neighbours, Pauls. We were just fixing a few things whilst reciting our favourite macho epic poem, The Iliad, featuring ja boi Achilles. Perhaps we can come over tonight and slide our meaty dogs between your floury buns. What's that? You're busy tonight?! We'll follow you to the ends of the earth to avenge this slight! We hope you drive one of the cars we have blueprints for, dick. Well instead of giving you the privilege of our private length, here's us talking about a raunchy stalker thriller. 

Featuring: Jennifer Lopez, Biceps, Kevin Mccallister's Dad, Anne Heche/Leslie Ash, the oldest first edition ever written, some mighty quivering, anti-intellectual school principals, and Paul's Dating Tips. 

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