One Good Thing

Episode 75. The Swarm

June 12, 2018

There are a lot of parallels between One Good Thing and 1978 horror film The Swarm. Both are unintentionally funny, there’s a lot of shouting and Paul drives as though he’s been stung by an eternity of bees. That’s where the differences end: we have two Pauls, none of which are Michael Caine, and we’re a podcast. So what right does that give us to talk about a film that patently isn’t two Pauls? What are you talking about? That has nothing to do with anyone. Get the hell off my front lawn before I push you off. The one good thing about The Swarm!

Apt jingling, Robot Dad, Dr. Insect, the meaning of expertise, damn it Ned Nedson, sad Ed Harris, doin’ Ayoade and oh yeah, bees.

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