One Good Thing

Episode 74. The Mummy 2017 (feat. Baby Beard)

June 5, 2018

Three in a bag, three in the bush… the Baby Bearders are gluttons for uniquely repetitive styles of punishment as they the prodigal sons return for more shit film talk! Turns out that if you say ‘one good thing’ three times in an Australian accent 2017’s bad film ‘The Mummy’ will appear in DVD form, and everyone involved must watch it or be laughed at as bad film boys for all time. If you can find at least one good thing about it, however, the curse reverses and The Mummy is plagued by the expectation that it was actually going to be a good film, ensuring a feeling of betrayal in every filmgoer for all time! Oh, delicious irony. Is that irony? You tell us. You tell us.

Featuring: classic mates, the conquests of Mary Beard, Jenny! Ben Whishaw you’re the god of death, Full-on Fabio, conspidercy and steampoon.

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