One Good Thing

Episode 68. The Emoji Movie

April 24, 2018


Ohnoes! This week both Pauls shat up their magic boxes and decided that if they wanted any women to ever touch it again then they needed to do a right-old magic box makeover! They got Ty whatshisface from that American show where they build mansions for orphans and single dads, Taye Diggs, Mike Tyson (from Ip Man) and Tyson Fury* to pitch in with their various views and approaches to life –because after all, what is life if not a celebration of diversity and ruddy well being yourself? I know I'm all about those things!

A quick side note: some kids informed us that TY is text speak for "thank Yiannopoulos" and we should be more careful trying to appropriate youthspeak in all future viral marketing campaigns, and actually that technology is advancng at an alarming rate, even for two robust manful millennials like the Pauls, but rest assured folks, they're planning to back all of this up with watching the Emoji Movie, a film about doin' it starring Patrick Stewart and a boy who just can't lay off all the sweets. There should be something on all of this in there.

*Tyra Banks was "busy".

Featuring: Jimmy Sweetshops, a plea to David Ehrlrich, a real distraction, Rimey apparently, Faris Je t'aime and the big secret about a little boy that all those LIBERALS out there DON'T want you to know! 

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