One Good Thing

Episode 64. Super Mario Bros.

March 27, 2018

This week the Pauls were waylaid by fan of the show Jennifer Sohns showing up in the middle of a plumbing job and waving a shiny rock in our faces. “Take this to another dimension,” she cooed, then when I reached out for it she beat us over the head with a hammer and dragged our bodies hundreds of miles into a moody dystopia populated by folk-singing mushrooms, men evolved from dragons and goo hanging from literally fucking everything. “It’s just like Mario!” cried Jennifer, taunting us by hooting and waving the rock in our faces which, now our eyes have adjusted, was clearly just a lump of coal with some sellotape around it. “Just like Mario,” we chorused, sick in the head and not even knowing what a Mario is anymore, but just wanting the ordeal to stop. Just like playing a videogame, amirite? …right? Hello?

Thanks Jennifer! Keep up the good work!

Featuring: the best oh face, a nasty saga, bear talez, British wit and all the games you know and love… in a film! 

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