One Good Thing

Episode 63. A Sound of Thunder

March 20, 2018

Well, we only went and asked the very good Movie Maintenance podcast for a recommendation. Originally that recommendation was to stop calling them and standing outside their window with boomboxes (Wagner, obviously) – but eventually they relented and poured the boiling vat of A Sound of Thunder all over our faces. And you know what? We lapped it up. Turns out people who are very good at fixing films on the side can also pick a very bad film when prompted. That's talent for you.

Featuring: Ron?! Bulger, heady sequel pitching, a real demonstration of Ben Kingsley’s talent, …plus hair!, an unrelated T-Rex, Antogram, Richard Littlemoth and one Paul who gets very excited that he isn’t the only one to fuck up a name from time to time. 

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