One Good Thing

Episode 58. Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine’s one and all! Obviously the Pauls have booked out every restaurant in the city on the off-chance that in gallivanting they pass by even one of them. If not, though, they’ll probably do what they always do: drink organic vinegar from the bottle and watch one Garry Marshall film at random until that thing happens where the liquid starts pouring out of a steaming hole in the back of their heads. When not wriggling their sopping fists through each other’s new neck-holes, however, they might have noticed a good thing or two about that there film that was what where playing on that there teevee screen there there there. Hospital please.

Featuring: some amazing women, some saucy men, a sad child, immigrants and jokes almost colliding, a dubious new segment and Topher Grace.