One Good Thing

Episode 55. OGT and You Know What I Like Present: Seeing Double

January 23, 2018

We tried so hard for the original Mark and Sophie from You Know What I Like Podcast – we wanted them so bad and we thought our moxie and street cred was enough. Alas. Luckily for us, some old man from Braveheart (I think Brendan Gleeson?) shipped us over a couple of podcast people from his own private stash. They were sexier and cooler and happy to work for nothing, just like us, so we hit it off in an instant. Unfortunatley the real Mark and Sophie showed up and weren’t happy with us showing their doppelclones the ropes, teaching them how to love, etc. etc. and as a cautionary tale showed us a copy of S Club’s very own Seeing Double, our eyelids taped to our foreheads as they administered drops of something milky to our human eyes. “We’ve learned our lesson!” we cried; deaf ears, ladies and gentlemen. Deaf ears. Anyway, on those occasions where we were allowed to blink our brains committed one or two good things to mind. WHAT AM.

Featuring: some adult views, some jokes for the dads, a smelly doorag, a special vintage and a very very quick fire, oh yes, a ha.