One Good Thing

Episode 53. CHAPPiE

January 9, 2018

Does not compute! Aha... ah. Launching the Pilot podcast not only has a frankly fantastic Australian mullet, but they came to us with a violent, sexy idea for our ears only: find the one good thing about CHAPPiE, they said. And let us pilot an incredible death machine.

Hmm, we said. Seems a bit much.

No it isn't, they said. Just look at Sigourney Weaver over there.

She seemed pretty cool with it. We didn't have a leg to stand on. Except for a gross insane killer robot leg. So while the LtP boys ran rampant with a murderous metal hellbeast the Paulboyz found themselves cowering in their private military office, eating old sandwich crusts out the bin under a flickering fluorescent light; fortunately between cries muffled by dampening loaf the reflection of CHAPPiE was coming in off of a drive-thru cinema that had recently gained sentience and begun marching up and down the main road; even more fortunately it had decided to stand in front of the building opposite us in order to mecha-urinate all over it. For two hours. This episode is the resulting experience of that fateful day. What is good thing!

Featuring: A long way to go for anything, Hugh Jackman's whole deal, the power of love and wall-to-wall Die Antwoord, fuckmothers.