One Good Thing

Episode 52. New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2017

Well, it's the end of a long and sticky year. We've seen our fair share of highs and some undeserved lows, but those of us who remain have not only ourselves but each other to thank. These emotions and more come to a head on the last day of 2017: there'll be laughter, mostly because of alcohol; regret, mostly also because of alcohol but also because of genitals and the sex we've done to one another, but also regret from all the poor decisions we made in the last year, because of alcohol, sex and the terrible food we've pushed into our faces to get over all our hangovers and awful sexual encounters. Never mind, here's Gary Marshall's New Year's Eve. It's two hours long and you might forget about how terrible you are at life as you slip jagged and screaming into the vortex of a film that defies Gregorian and other concepts of time. Here's to a sparkling new year with all the new opportunities, sexual and other, that they tend to provide.

And thank you, OGTeam.

Featuring: please don't make me... okay... there's... VP New Year... Sudeikis New Year... Mom New Year... please... please, everyone... it's the 31st... ____ New Year... ____ New Year... fill 'em in. Like in games. Games fun... Alexei Fyodorovich Karamazov is in this one I think. His sequence of religious epiphanies is unparalleled in cinema. You should really check this out, guys.