One Good Thing

Episode 50. The One Good Thing About One Good Thing

December 19, 2017

Now they've recorded 50+2 episodes, the Paulboyz turn their critical rays on themselves, along with the brain-baby that is their podcast 'The One Good Thing About Podcast'. Ever listened to them crap on about Christopher Nolan for the tenth consecutive episode and wondered 'But why did you bother recording this?''How can you even stand each other?' or 'What did you have for lunch today?" ? Well, today's your lucky day because these questions and more are answered within.

Thanks for permitting us the indulgent wankathon that is our fiftieth episode. Thanks to everyone who has listened, liked, reviewed and subscribe, and here's to the next year, more bad movies and many more bona fide good things.

Featuring: the past, the present, the future, some great bits, some ego stroking, some juicy gossip and two Pauls who just can't get enough.