One Good Thing

Episode 48. Jack and Jill

December 5, 2017

We finally did it. The oft-threatened. The rightly feared. We invited our twin sister over for bank holiday Monday! Ugh, nightmare.

Long story short, she took off her pantyhose, stuffed a weasel up there and puked up a big racist drawing of England's growing Polish population, but because she looks an awful lot like us it's funny and romantic, not grossly offensive. The secret is she's just lazy, but no one seems to have cottoned on just yet. Same time again next year! In the meantime, let's watch something only half as opprobrious as my piece of shit sister: an anti-vacc documentary!

Oh, she also made us watch Jack and Jill. We talk about that this week.

Featuring: two Adam Sandlers inside what seems to be an ad for Pepto Bismol, which in itself is inside a Dunkin' Donuts story, which in itself is contained within a Sony saga, which inhabits a Coca Cola edumercial, all of which has nestled inside Al Pacino's confusing and upsetting head and laid eggs on his brain, unfortunately culminating in an ad for Adam Sandler. Damn you, Happy Gilmore.*

*Madison. We make this mistake 83 times in this episode and we'd like you to know that we're not idiots. Just lazy. Like begets like, motherfucker.

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