One Good Thing

Episode 47. The Happening

November 28, 2017

Give the Paulboyz a second: they’re processing an awful lot right now and can’t stand to be [incoherent mumbling] passive observers anymore! Some strange shit’s going down, man, people are losing their minds over this and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Never mind that: the Pauls have found a patch of land in idyllic Killadelphia not dominated by murderous trees and are going to watch The Happening. You voted for it. We have to find it. The one good thing, that is. A lot of people have asked us if we’re crazy, if we’re some sort of weirdo or deviant type. And you know what we have to say to that? What? Noooo…

Featuring: thinky science, secret Adonis, zoo luck, one for the dads, a right rough soldier, the doll-human problem we’ve all faced before and a human film for robots.