One Good Thing

Episode 45. Sex Lives of the Potato Men

November 14, 2017

Matthew Gray (@clockworkwriter) has a quest: some people think it’s a noble quest, most people would rather eat their own sick than hear another word of it, but he doesn’t care. He’s come this far, lost so many friends, but by God he’s going to get someone to watch Sex Lives of the Potato Men and commit it to posterity by talking about it in front of microphones. If it has to be the One Good Thing boys then so be it. Who knows, there might even be one of those Good Things if they look hard enough. It matters not. Just talk about the fish sandwiches already.

Featuring: a quest, a niche, a mirror, a rainbow, a kiss, a broken heart, one blender FULL of dog shit and a weird way to show your love (e.g. Johnny Vegas).