One Good Thing

Episode 44. Mortdecai

November 7, 2017

Oh jolly wolly bolly boo boo, gather ’round all ye of noble birth and utter unentitlement: It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: time to congratulate ourselves for not being foreign, poor or sentimental in any way shape or form, but British, by God! Crack open the good brandy, chisel out the most aged cheese and slip your five moisturised digits right inside your fly there… yes… good to be privileged, isn’t it? Oh look, Mortdecai’s on Blokebusters (@Blokebusters) TV. They’re recommending we have a bally good old watch to savour up all the good things like a young filly who [indecipherable lecherous mumbling]. Well, I’ve heard some jolly good things about this one, and now we’ve got that Brexit ruddy well sewn up I believe I’ve all the time in the world. Enjoy!

Featuring: a moustache gag, seven buckets of puke and a fair bit of class warfare.