One Good Thing

Episode 27. Suicide Squad (Extended Cut)

July 11, 2017

The Pauls aren't gonna kill you – they're just gonna bash your brains in. They're gonna bash them right the f– oh, hang on... *checks* SHIT!

Turns out by all of that they mean they're going to put their own souls through the mangle of misery, going above and beyond the call of duty once again as they witness not only Suicide Squad, but the extended cut of the aforementioned trash fire. Maybe it'll be like Bats v Supes all over again and we'll get something like cohesion with an inexplicably longer edition. Or maybe they're just in for some serious mental abuse like only David Ayer knows how.

Featuring: the bleak world that pursues Mark Kermode from the past, a Shia Labeouf exhibit nobody can enjoy, condomfuls of disappointment and swingin' it round, DC style!