One Good Thing

Episode 26. One Good Thing You Might Have Missed

June 20, 2017

Oh no! The Pauls have run out of bad movies! Not to worry, Hollywood will have a fresh batch ready in a few weeks, like a nice warm tray of cookies filled with live bees.

Meanwhile, the Pauls decide to devote some time to movies they actually like! Specifically the ones they feel have flown under the radar and could do with the popularity boost that a mention on our podcast will inevitably bring them. So come listen! You might find some new treats!

Featuring more movies than you could reasonably be expected to shake a stick at, an exciting new business opportunity, some foreigns, Oscar Isaac and his little known cousin Oscar Isaacs, some homegrown classics and talent, a cinematic nightmare from Canada, guidance on which hoodies to hug and when, the best director who's name you don't know, and an insightful discussion around the societal difficulties in recommending movies, for which this podcast is a case study. You are our subjects, enjoy!