One Good Thing

Episode 206. The Terminator Franchise

February 10, 2021

This week the Pauls take a break from bad movies to talk about two very very good ones and four other movies ranging from okay to balls. That’s right, it’s the one good thing about the Terminator franchise!

Featuring: the’m’terminator, Ronald “The Clown” McDonald, Danny Mullet, Channel Five, Steve Sepia, That’s John, the Monkey Terminator Hypothesis and the Muscle Net Lady Trap. 


Goodman is appearing in the new season of Role To Cast (the Baby Bearders' frankly awesome TTRPG podcast) in the Pulp Cthulhu world! Tune in on all good podcatchers to Role To Cast for an Eldritch & Mummydiana Jones-type adventure full of outrageous accents, strengthy punch work and larger-than-life fun all around!

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