One Good Thing

Episode 141. Friday the 13th - The One Spooky Thing

October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween! Calling all Jeggheads and Vorefans (oh, wait): one Paul managed to blackmail the other into watching ten identical movies over the course of a year and then discussing each and every one as though they are in any way distinguishable - guess which one!

To be fair, it's seven identical movies and three weird ones, and we're not going to go any deeper than that otherwise we'll be reducing Jasons down to the point of a pin, and then we're no better than the bloody monks.

Strap on your hockey masks and heft your breasts of various sizes, because it's time to talk Friday the 13th in earnest. IN EARNEST!

Featuring: cor, just about everything, if we're honest. 

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