One Good Thing

Episode 132. Mr. Nanny

August 27, 2019

Calling all real Americans and real pain for my sham Americans: HULK SMASH…ed his way into Hollywood on the bicepped arms of Mr. Nanny and, much like the light of the sun has to travel the hundreds of millions of miles to Earth, the Paulboys only now feel the manly meaty punch of Terry “the Hulk “The Hulk”” Hogan, and are pleasantly surprised to find that it doesn’t just keep repeatedly punching them while they’re down. So crank it up! 

Featuring: The/a Hulk, #canvaslife, Dadley Moore, the only Hulk Hogan primer you’ll need/ever written, better than Surf Ninjas, shot him in the heart! Hulkavania, and a man who insists on throwing a dog in the river. 

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