One Good Thing

Episode 120. Keeping Up With King Arthur (2004)

May 21, 2019

Pauls of the Realm, it is time to defend a poor, maligned film from one of the Pauls' youths and defend it against overwhelming indifference. I ask this of you, brave Pauls, that you complete one last mission before we let you go and be with Ray Winstone in Valhalla, or whatever the Romans believed in. 

Featuring: King Clive, Hannibal Lector, Will Graham, Mister Fantastic/Rik Mayall, Ray "put a bet on" Winstone, Hippy Joel Edgerton, DAG, Snarly Knightly, Stellan Skarsgaard the cowboy Viking, Hugo Stieglitz, Stannis Baratheon, Rebus, Super Mario, and RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR or something. 

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