One Good Thing

Episode 154. Thinner

January 28, 2020

Picture the scene: there the Pauls were just skipping down the road whilst enjoying some over-the-clothes, hand and mouth stuff when suddenly an elderly member of an oppressed minority wanders into their path and is torn to shreds. Using their elabourate network of connections they're able to escape justice, but then another member of the aforementioned minority community approaches us in the car park of a Road Chef and curses us to watch Stephen King's Thinner and find all the nice things to say about it. Good thing they'd already done that the previous day. Here it is. 

Featuring: A curse we can all get behind, the joke that defeated two Pauls, Fat Tony, Brian Butterfield, Stephen-A-King, Max Dugenfield and the enchanting majesty of lizards. 

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