One Good Thing

Episode 143. Land of the Lost (feat. 2/4 of Baby Beard)

November 13, 2019

Wassup OGTeam, you absolute suckers? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favourite two podcasters from OGT and two other douchebags from Baby Beard Media decide to meet up in Melbourne, get no sleep, drink some whiskey and share a mic so all those coughs and sneezes and sibilants are snagged in the audio like so many dolphins in a really effective tuna net? Well they bloody did it, and they decided to watch Land of the Lost starring Will Ferrel and Anna Friel to commemorate the occasion! Is it as bad as everyone says or have the OGBearders stumbled upon a gem in the stinky ruuubiiiiiish? Find out, here! Now.

Featuring: Good Will Ferrel, an interaction with Danny McBride, Northern Woman, noted man Jared from Subway, liquor! and the sound of four insecure people screaming over each other until their ears bleed. 

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